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Reviewed By: Mark Rafferty
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Quickly and easily building eye popping and unique websites can be easy with the right tools. Usually it’s very difficult to get started with web design but with drag and drop software it’s made easy. The WebPlus X6 web design software is made to help you quickly get to grips with web design. They make it easy by giving you a very easy to use and wonderful software. It’s a very advanced drag and drop web design tool.

You get started very easily with the wonderful interface. You can choose to start out with a ready made website design then edit the content and style. Just by dragging and dropping the features into the design it’s quick to build a webpage and a whole website. It has a very cool array of gadgets you can add into the website such as twitter feeds, calendars, contact forms and more. Drag and drop everything onto the page and move it around using your mouse to choose its position. It couldn’t be more easy.

For device compatible design such as making a mobile website, the software easily helps you to do this. It’s all built into the software so you can choose which device you are designing the site for. Making the site SEO friendly has also been thought off with the built in SEO settings wizard. Even editing images to suit the design has been thought of because you can use the built in image editing studio to edit images before placing them into the design.

This software is a very clever beginners web design software and not to be missed. It’s beautiful, elegant and very easy to use to build awesome websites. The expense also isn’t so much for such a great tool. With a 5 star user rating it certainly says you can’t go far wrong choosing this as your entry level web design software.



  • Easy to get started
  • Many templates available
  • Quick drag and drop interface
  • Add your own HTML
  • 5 star user rating
  • Easy to master
  • Not for advanced users
  • Some restrictions



  • Drag & Drop Builder
  • Asset Management
  • Sliders and Banners
  • Site Wizard
  • Beautiful Web Content
  • Site Structure View
  • Tidier Workspace
  • More Interactivity
  • Navbars
  • Live Slideshows
  • Panels
  • Backgrounds
  • Forms
  • Color Schemes
  • Object Browser
  • Adding HTML
  • SEO & Admin
  • Drawing Power

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