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If you’re in the need for a dependable high-quality LCD monitor, the HP W2408H will pleasantly surprise you. Sure, other monitors may feature a slimmer and more impressive design, but can they swivel, rotate, tilt and adjust their height at the same time? Besides these impressive characteristics which make the HP W2408H reliable in just about any situation, the display and image rendering still remain one of the best-in-class. There’s a Full HD resolution which makes great use of the 16:9 display format, a low 5ms response time which makes the monitor suitable for gaming and multimedia content, and also a 1000:1 contrast ratio which improves the blacks and whites of the unit.

Another remarkable feature is the incorporated BrightView panel that comes with an ambient light sensor and intelligent auto-adjustment capabilities. This allows you not only to achieve energy savings, but also to benefit from higher quality images in both very bright and dark environments. There are also a variety of standards that you can use for input, such as premium HDMI, traditional VGA and also DVI-D with HDCP (assuming you have a separate cable already bought). All in all the HP W2408H makes a great buy for those interested in long-term quality.




  • Competitive price
  • Various input options supported
  • Smart auto-adjustment feature
  • Tilting, rotating and swiveling capabilities

  • Not the most inspired unit design
  • No DVI cable included
  • Sleep mode requires some adjustments


  • Panel type: 24 in Diagonal Widescreen Thin Film Transistor LCD Active Matrix
  • Rotates / Height Adjustment / Swivel and Tilt Function
  • 1920×1200 Resolution and 1000:1 Contrast Ratio
  • 5 ms response time

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