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Vacuum Sealer Buying Guide

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When you want to vacuum seal your perishable foods then you need a great vacuum sealer to get the job done. This is where knowing what to look out for comes into play. There are a few things that really need looking at to ensure you’re making the right purchase. Here are those things to look out for.

Internal (Chamber) or External Sealer

There are two types of vacuum sealer and each serves its purpose. There are also two types of chamber sealers. A compact chamber sealer is the more expensive scaled down version of a commercial sealer. Then a standard chamber sealer is the commercial option. The external sealers are where you feed the item into the mouth of the sealer and it comes out the other side sealed. These are best for home use and not really practical for using on a large scale but are great for sealing all your perishables at home. They are also much less expensive than a chamber version.

Suction Power

Some foods are more difficult to vacuum than others and suction power plays a key role in ensuring these foods are sealed correctly. If there isn’t enough suction power you’re going to be let down in the sealing power. Looking for high levels of suction power will ensure you can seal all foods correctly.

Durability & Longevity

The thing about sealers is that they are something that is looked at from a durability point of view. The more durable your sealer is, the longer it will last and you can do endless amounts of vacuum sealing. Users report that durability is a big factor in purchasing the best vacuum sealer.

Single Bags or Rolls

Some vacuum sealers allow you to insert one single bag for vacuuming, whereas others use rolls of bags and cut the bag where it is finished. If you feel that single use bags isn’t what you want then make sure your vacuum sealer contains.

Types of Foods

For certain types of foods you may want to check that it is suitable for this type of food. Wet versus dry foods and solid versus loose foods. Make sure that it caters for all the foods that you wish to seal.


Features are what make a product super and easy to use. The best features to look out for in a vacuum sealer is that it does everything. From sucking the bag, to sealing it, to cutting the bag at the end of the process. Some vacuum sealers don’t have the cutting feature so you are restricted to using single bags rather than a roll of bags. Have a look at the features to make sure you’re getting everything you want.

These are the few simple things you need to look out for when buying a vacuum sealer. It’s a worthy investment to understand this so you get the perfect vacuum sealer for your needs.


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