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TYR’s Latex Nose Clip is a basic and ultra-cheap nose clip that is known for being very effective and comfortable, especially for the price. This is a stainless steel nose clip with a latex comfort coating and latex head strap. The strap is highly effective in keeping the nose clip in place, and makes it easy for you to hang the clip around your neck when taking breaks in your swimming routine. The latex coating actually helps these nose clips stay in one place without sliding, unlike their hard plastic counterparts. These nose clips do wear out after a lot of use, so at such a cheap price, it’s a good idea to buy a couple pairs at a time. Because of the latex, it’s also a good idea to dry these after use and store them in a container so they don’t wear out too quickly. If you’re just looking for a basic, inexpensive nose clip for short pool routines, the TYR Latex Nose Clip will certainly keep the water from flowing in your nose and they’ll feel comfortable on your face too.




  • Very inexpensive
  • Latex doesn’t slip
  • Head strap included
  • Comfortable

  • Not durable


  • Comfortable Latex covered metal clip
  • An attached head strap ensures that the Nose Clip stays on.
  • Perfect choice for any aquatic activity.

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