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30 Corrupt Cross Stitch and Embroidery Designs

This may seem a little too far out for some, but Twisted Stitches is finally a cross stitch book that isn’t made for “cutesy” pillow cases and handkerchiefs. This book is littered with funny and sometimes gruesome designs that you wouldn’t expect to be in a cross stitch book. Traditional cross stitchers can stop reading now; it’s not a book for you. Beautify your accessories with zombies, vampires and funny sayings or stitch a scary design into your t-shirt. London based pattern cutter, Phil Davison, learned to cross stitch and decided to combine his love for pop culture and street art with cross stitching. This book is such a hit because it’s something that has never been done before and is a perfect way to reach out to young or aspiring cross stitchers. Get some new ideas and branch out to cross stitching different items with ideas from Twisted Stitches.


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