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If you’re concerned with your mask lasting a ton of dives for a lot of years, you’ll love the Tusa Visualator M-14 Mask. The full manufacturer’s warranty ensures there’s no risk if you don’t like the mask after your first dive. It’s a single lens scuba mask that offers 2.5 times the visibility of most other masks with a single lens. Also, the low-profile design means the frame is much thinner, and it actually fits much tighter to the face than most single-lens masks. The low-profile design makes this mask especially easy to clear, even with the larger window size. An addition you’ll appreciate is the five position strap that you can adjust specifically for the shape and size of your head.

Unfortunately, this mask is designed for medium to large faces and won’t fit small faces as tightly as it should. It’s slightly higher price can also be a downfall, but hopefully you’ll forget about that once you see the view.




  • 2.5 times bigger view
  • Easy to clear
  • Five position strap
  • Manufacturer’s warranty
  • Tight fit

  • Fits medium to large faces
  • High price


  • Brand NEW with full Manufactures Warranty!
  • Backed by Joe Diver America’s Return Program and Warranty

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