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The Trudeau Board Room Travel Mug is an inexpensive insulated travel mug with most of the added perks of the more expensive mugs. The patented “Perfect Drink” lid is leak-proof and stays on tight, even if you drop the mug. This mug has stainless steel inside and outside walls to keep drinks hot or cold. The leather-like material on the handle and around the mug’s center make it comfortable to hold even if a steaming hot beverage is inside. An added bonus with this mug is that you can drink from anywhere on the lid and it won’t spill on your clothes. The non-slip base is great for not leaving rings on desks or surfaces you don’t want to damage.

If you want your drinks to stay hot or cold for a really long time, you may be disappointed that this mug doesn’t keep drinks hot for longer than a couple of hours. Usually two hours is fine for drinking a cup of coffee, but if you don’t plan on drinking the beverage right away, it may get cold before you have a chance to finish it.




  • Stainless steel interior and exterior
  • Attractive leather-like handles
  • No leaks
  • Top stays on tight
  • Affordable

  • Keeps warm for two hours


  • Insulated travel mug
  • Guaranteed leak-proof; patented Perfect Drink lid
  • Stainless steel outside and inside walls
  • Durable hand washable leather like accents
  • Keeps drinks hot for up to 2 hours

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