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Runner Up: Best Travel Iron

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Conair’s Travel Smart can truly enhance your ironing experience regardless of whether you’d like to use it on a long trip or during your regular mornings at home. The fact that it’s so tiny (almost as small as a computer mouse) makes it very convenient to use and store, but that doesn’t mean its performance abilities were ignored. This small iron can easily get very hot, and this will greatly help you in accomplishing your ironing fast and easily. Its design is  nothing short of impressive, and you’ll soon find out just how well it fits into your palm thanks to the ergonomic grips.

The average temperature which can be reached by Conair’s Travel Smart is about 300°f, which again is very impressive for such a small iron. A  high temperature like this means that you’ll be able to straighten out clothes without too much effort. Tidying away when you’re done – all you have to do is to place the unit in its storage pouch and move on! A word of advice though; the “Travel Smart” doesn’t come with a steam-burst option, so you’ll have to bring along your own spray bottle for the best results.




  • Affordable price
  • Extra compact design
  • High heating temperature

  • Lacks a steam-burst feature
  • No advanced functions


  • Extra compact design is convenient for travel
  • Worldwide dual voltage; 8 ft line cord; storage pouch300°f average temperature worldwide dual voltage 8-ft. line cord storage pouch
  • 300°f average temperature
  • 8 ft line cord
  • Storage pouch

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