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Tigi Bed Head Maxxed Out hairspray is good for those with dry hair as it doesn’t take the moisture from your hair. It can, however, give your hair a somewhat dull appearance. It holds well, and will last throughout the day, but it can make your hair look a bit too stiff, and it tends to leave a crunchy residue in your hair, although this does brush out after use. It has a really nice grapefruit smell, which will cover any unwanted odours from smoking or cooking. It works well on straight, wavy or curly hair, but is better for thick hair rather than fine, as it can make finer hair types look a litte bit greasy.




  • Good hold
  • Pleasant grapefruit scent

  • Can make hair look dull
  • Leaves residue
  • Not great for fine hair
  • Can make hair too stiff


  • Massive Hold Hairspray.
  • P.M.S. (Pump. Massive. Style) unisex formula is quick drying and guarantees hold and super shine.
  • Any hair length or texture.
  • Helps protect hair from sun damage.
  • Fine mist for light, even application.

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