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Learn from the best with Teach Yourself Visually: Crochet. There’s no better way to learn to crochet than by watching someone else do it. With this book, you can follow the pictures and learn in the comfort of your home. The authors, Cecily Kim and Kim Werker are crochet experts, and they’ve created this book to teach you their craft. This book is ideal for the true beginner. The steps are slow and concise and don’t leave you asking any questions. The pictures are vivid and colorful and are as easy to follow as the descriptions. This book will give you tons of advice and experience in the craft of crochet, but it’s almost a guarantee that you’ll refer back to the stitches and details even as you become more advanced. If you’re not a complete beginner, you may find the steps a little slow and tedious, but no matter what level you are, there’s no doubt you can learn and refresh your memory with this guide.

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