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The Swimline Swim-Tee Trainer has been approved by moms everywhere and is deserving of its praise. It fits a broad range of kids anywhere from 18 to 65 pounds. While many low quality toddler jackets force the child forward or backward into the water, the heavy-duty inner tube on the Swim-Tee keeps your little one balanced in the water. The tank top swimsuit your child wears goes on and off easily, and both the tank top and inner tube are highly durable. You’ll be happy to know that such durability also comes at a very affordable price.

You may be disappointed that you can’t blow up the Swim-Tee with your mouth. You have to use a bike pump or even an air-compressor to inflate the heavy-duty tube, which can be a slight inconvenience. Also, don’t expect your child to swim around in the jacket comfortably, this trainer should be used for infants or children who don’t know how to swim. Children tend to fall forward when attempting to swim in the suit. While it may not be perfect for swimming, the Swim-Tee is a perfect float jacket to keep your child safe and comfortable in the water at a very young age.




  • Affordable
  • Fits a broad range of sizes
  • Keeps child balanced
  • Heavy-duty durability

  • Not easily inflated
  • Not used for swimming


  • Helps your child adjust to the water
  • Tank top swimsuit with inflatable inner tube
  • Inner tube prevents child from falling backwards
  • Perfect for beginners
  • For children between 18 & 65 lbs

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