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Another affordable standing fan with a few added perks you’ll really love is the SPT SF-1521 LCD Remote Controlled Tower Fan with ION. This fan has three speeds and can be remote controlled from wherever you are in the room. You’ll notice from its great functionality that this fan is not cheap, although it is very affordable for what it offers. It looks a lot more high-tech than most standing fans and the LCD screen is easy to read from far away. It has a small but sleek design that fits well in a modern home, but is also easy to hide if your home is decorated more classically. You’ll love the 70 degree oscillation, and even better, the ionizer in this fan cleans the air as it passes through.

The only way you’ll be disappointed in this fan is if you don’t like the way it looks in your home. The white color tends to stick out a bit, but the fan can easily be tucked away as well. The price point is good, but it’s not a complete budget buy if that’s what you’re looking for.




  • LCD screen
  • Remote control
  • Three speeds
  • Sleek design easy to hide
  • Ionizer cleans air
  • Affordable

  • Modern look doesn’t fit all homes
  • White color is a little bright


  • 3 fan speeds
  • Ionizer provides clean fresh air
  • Remote Controlled
  • Easy to read LCD screen with blue backlight
  • 70 degree oscillation with separate control

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