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Runner Up: Best Pull Buoy

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If you’re looking for any product that has to do with swimming, Speedo is most competitive swimmers’ trusted brand. The Speedo Pull Buoy withholds their great reputation as one of the best pull buoys made and for a very affordable price too. It’s durable and made from soft EVA foam that fits comfortably between the swimmer legs. It doesn’t have any ropes or ties that could be uncomfortable or scratch you while swimming. Speedo mastered providing just the right amount of float with this buoy to help increase the swimmer’s arm strength and other core areas of the stroke. It’s relatively small and fits nicely into any swim bag, and whether you’re an infrequent trainer or you swim everyday, this pull buoy is made to last.

The same disadvantages that plague most pull buoys are present with this one. It comes in a couple of sizes, which is more than most pull buoys, but they still don’t seem to fit every swimmer. The adult size is pretty large, so women and small men should probably purchase the junior size.




  • Comfortable
  • Multiple sizes
  • Affordable
  • Durable

  • One size does not fit alll


  • Training tool to help develop upper body strength by suspending and floating your legs
  • Promotes proper body positioning
  • Made of soft durable EVA foam
  • New updated colors to withstand pool chemicals

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