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Runner Up: Best Travel Iron

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The Smartek ST-10 can easily impress you with its compact design and multitude of features. The first thing that one can notice is the perfect size of this iron; it’s neither too small nor too big; just right to fit in your travel bag. Just as remarkable is the 8-foot long power cord, which ensures easy maneuvering of the iron over a large area.

There’s another more impressive thing about this little fellow, and that is its dual functionality. In other words, you can use this iron either with steam or without, and in both cases you’ll get great results on a variety of fabrics. The steam burst feature is one of the highlights most people tend not to notice; thanks to this small addition you’ll forget about any type of wrinkles on jeans or shirts.

The dual voltage switch will come in very useful for those who regularly travel from one country to another, since it means the iron can adapt to virtually any type of wall socket. Finally, the product is definitely recommended by its low price, and also by the fact that it provides 360-degree functionality and continuous steam, features which are lacked by even some regular full-fledged irons.




  • Low price
  • Compact size
  • 360-degree functionality
  • Powerful continuous steam

  • The reservoir may fall off easily
  • The handle is not easily foldable (another minor design flaw)


  • Powerful continuous steam
  • Steam burst feature
  • Steam or dry use
  • Foldable Handle
  • 8 ft. Cord

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