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The Smart Air Beds Raised Ultra Tough Inflatable Mattress is an ultra-comfortable and moderately priced air bed for the luxury camper. It inflates to 18 inches tall, which is about one-third taller than the average camping air mattress, to give you extra comfort and lift off the ground. It supports up to 600 pounds and has a polyester and laminated finish to make it more durable than indoor air beds. Smart Air Beds took almost a year to engineer this air mattress, and you can feel it in the support of the cross-beam design. The hand-held rechargeable pump and patch kit that come in the box are also a great addition.

Because of the size of this air bed, you may not want to lug it around on camping trips where you move around a lot. It’s a better design for weekend trips or times you stay put in one spot. You’ll also want to bring a set of sheets or mattress pad for the top, because the polyester design isn’t as comfortable on skin as the soft top mattresses. Despite these small nuisances, you won’t be denied any sleep when camping with this air bed.




  • Durable
  • Moderately priced
  • Comfortable and supportive
  • Hand-held rechargeable pump
  • Patch kit

  • Heavy for backpacking/hiking
  • Not a soft top mattress


  • Inflated size: approx. 78″ L x 57″ W x 18″ H
  • Comes with hand held rechargeable pump, carry bag and patch kit
  • Supports 600 lbs
  • Polyester/laminated finish makes the bed more durable and perfect for camping
  • Cross beam design is great for back support

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