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The Sharp Half Pint is the ultimate in compactness. This tiny microwave oven will fit in the sleeper compartment of a heavy duty truck. It has a solid door so you can’t see your food inside while it’s cooking, and there are only two buttons on the front. The advantage is clearly its size. Inside it has a 10-inch turntable and can hold a normal sized dinner plate, but the overall size is only a bit over 14-by-14 inches. The Half Pint is basically a black cube. It has a time display and two buttons: start/minutes plus and stop/clear. You have to open the door to access the full programming options and presets, including a popcorn setting. Because it’s only 600 watts, cooking times are longer; sometimes double package directions that are based on an 1100 watt microwave. Long cooking times can wear out a microwave faster, but the Half Pint has been around for more than ten years with many owners claiming it has good longevity.

The price for this model is high compared to other microwaves in 600-700 watt power range. It’s worth shopping around for the best price. If you need an exceptionally small microwave, the price may be worth it.




  • Tiny size
  • Easy operation

  • High price


  • 0.5 cu.ft. / 600 watts
  • 2 qt. round
  • 8 automatic settings
  • 120v AC Power
  • Outside dimensions: 14-3/8″ x 14-1/4″

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