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If you don’t care about price, and need a heavy-duty shovel for extensive lawn or other outdoor work, the Seymour S710 Super Shovel will be a perfect buy. The first thing you’ll notice is that this shovel has cutting teeth on the tip of the blade to dig into really hard-packed soils and roots. You’ll appreciate the step on the top of the blade, so you can use your legs to really dig into the dirt. The handle is comfortable too with a cushion grip on top of a fiberglass shaft. No matter what you need to dig through, you’ll be able to cut through it with ease with this shovel.

If you’ve got small children running around, the biggest danger with this shovel really is the sharp teeth. They’re perfect for cutting through anything, but keep this shovel away from your kids, and make sure not to dig around any power lines, because it can cut through them too.




  • Sharp teeth for digging
  • Step
  • Comfortable grip
  • Very durable

  • More expensive
  • Teeth can be dangerous


  • Cutting teeth to penetrate hard-packed, rocky and clay soils, and to chop through roots and sod
  • Steel ferrule
  • Square socket
  • #2 front turn step head style
  • Cushion grip on fiberglass handle provides better grip and comfort

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