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Sebastian Professional Re-Shaper is the ideal hairspray for dry hair. Its moisturizing formula may even improve the condition of your hair. This hairspray has a light hold, so it’s great if you just want to keep some mild control over your hair throughout the day, but if you want a heavier hold then this product might not be right for you. It does keep its hold in hot and humid climates, though, so it will work well wherever you happen to live. The product doesn’t feel crunchy or sticky, and will brush out of your hair easily, which is good if you don’t care to wash your hair every day.  It is even effective on those who have very long and thick hair.




  • Keeps its hold in humid weather
  • Moisturizing
  • Natural look
  • Good texture
  • Provides hold for long or thick hair

  • Not good if you want a strong hold


  • An ultimate professional tool
  • Delivering the promise of great hold
  • Create any shape, anytime, anywhere

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