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The Schick Men’s Quattro Titanium is an ideal razor for a man who travels a lot. It’s a high-performance razor with a lot of luxurious frills that can still be thrown in the trash when the blades go dull. It is moderately priced, but not as cheap as some disposables that come in higher volume packs. The head offers four blades, which is one more blade than most high-performance disposables, and the vitamin E conditioning strips soothe your skin before and after each swipe. The head is designed to swivel and pivot to the shape of your face, and a comfortable grip prevents painful nicks. If you’re willing to pay a slightly higher price than the cheap disposables or just want a nice, compact razor for traveling, the Quattro Titanium will exceed your expectations.


  • It is comfortable rubber grip ergonomically designed for the way shaves.
  • Conditioning strip with aloe and Vitamin E for exceptional glide.
  • Lubrication strip before the blades for additional comfort.
  • All Quattro cartridges fit all Quattro razors.
  • Schick Quattro blade cartridge made in Germany.

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