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Runner Up: Best Salon Shampoo

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Roux Porosity Control shampoo is part of a system of hair care products designed to control the porosity of your hair to keep it even over your entire head. Unbalanced porosity is common, especially in people who use color or chemicals treatments frequently. Typically, the top of the head near the scalp becomes over porous, resulting in hair color results that are more intense on top than through the body of the hair and at the ends.

The shampoo itself is thin and requires some care in pouring to prevent pouring too much out. It doesn’t lather, in fact, it barely creates lather at all unless you apply it twice. The fragrance is oddly reminiscent of pet shampoo but not unpleasant. The shampoo can be used daily, or only as a pre-color treatment. It can also be used as a finishing shampoo after a color, perm or chemical straightening.




  • Balances porosity for more even color results

  • Thin
  • Very little lather
  • Unusual fragrance


  • Gives volume and shine to permed, bleached, and relaxed hair
  • Restores moisture and natural oils lost in daily styling
  • Leaves hair shiny, smooth and manageable
  • Prevents split ends

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