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Your First Quilt Book by Carol Doak is an ideal traditional patchwork book for all beginners. The author’s quilts have been published on the covers of Quilter’s Newsletter Magazine, Quilt World, Quilting Today, McCall’s Quilting and Ladies’ Circle Patchwork. She makes her knowledge accessible to all of her readers in this excellent guide to patchwork. Her attention to detail is incredible and doesn’t leave the reader wondering about a single step in the quilting process. On top of her great instruction, the author writes with a friendly and humorous voice that makes you feel like she’s in the room teaching you. This book teaches you how to start a quilt and guides you through every step slowly until you have a finished product in your hand.


It’s hard to complain about such a well-written guide book, but I can see how readers may get bored with how slow and descriptive this book is. If you truly want to master the art of patchwork, you’ll really appreciate how even your first quilt comes out flawlessly.

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