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How to Choose a Monitor

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If you want to buy the best monitor for your buck, then you’re going to need to go into the deal with some kind of knowledge. You don’t want to go buying a monitor and find that you’ve made a bad choice. Always buy sensibly, it saves time, money and effort and ensures what you buy closely matches your needs. If you’re not so monitor savvy then here’s our quick buyer’s guide, aimed at helping you get monitor-buying smart fast.

Connection Types & More Info

I think this is one of the most important aspects of buying a monitor – even before size. If the monitor doesn’t have the right connections for what you want to connect to it, or for connecting to the devices, then it’s not any good for your use at all. Be sure to know what type of connections you will be using. [Link for guide to types of connections.]

Size, It’s All About Size

This is the initial thought when it comes to buying a monitor. What size will it be? The unfortunate thing about this thought is that size isn’t everything if you don’t fully understand the capabilities of its size. It will have different aspect ratios, abilities and frame rates depending on your connected devices specs. Take into mind the size especially in relation to the device that connects to it. [Link to resolution to monitor size guide]

Graphics Capabilities

Monitor features and size will depend what sort of graphics will run the monitor. If you have an old computer but want a brand new monitor, of latest technology, at the very least you will need a more up-to-date and compatible graphics card. [Link explaining how graphics cards work]

Screen Type / Type of Backlight

If you really want to drill down on quality and matching your needs you will want to research screen types and what they mean for your needs. This is quite expert to understand and can confuse eve the most tech savvy but if you know your device runs best with a certain type of screen the look for that screen. For LED monitors there’s different types of backlight, you may want to use a certain type depending on your needs. (Link to guide on monitor technology types)

Warranty / Support

Is this monitor heard of? Well reviewed? Does it make a list of good monitors to buy or is it low in ratings and purchases? The most high-quality monitors are usually the monitors flying off the shelves. These kinds of monitors are the monitors with quality, popularity and good warranty & support. If possible don’t skip checking the warranty and support available for your monitor before buying.



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