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How to Choose Cordless Grass Shears

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So you want cordless grass shears that do the job you need them to do – shear the grass and last long enough to get the job done. Looking into this there a few features you want to look out for when buying. Here is our buying tips:

Battery & Power

Length of usage time will depend on the battery so check if the battery is sufficient enough to last a reasonable length of time. You’ll also want to check the power of the battery to buy one that’s powerful enough to get the job done. You may also want to check the charge time to find out how long it takes to charge.


Some brands are more reputable than others, researching the bran name behind the shears might help make a better decision.


Is the shear for usage on hedges and lawns or just lawns? It’s good to check what usage they are recommended for. Sometimes they aren’t strong enough or powerful enough to trim certain plants in your garden.


Much like usage, the attachments that are available for the shears might enable more usage, so check what attachments are available – if there is any.


Cordless grass shears come in different sizes, check the size of the shear to ensure it is big enough or small enough for the task at hand.



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