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The Practical Guide to Patchwork is the perfect book for those who don’t want a step-by-step guide, but one they can leaf through and learn on their own. The best part is, this book still gives you all the instruction you need to become a skilled patchwork artist. This guide gives you 12 projects to work on, and they’re so diverse, you can learn a multitude of patchwork skills by learning each one. The author also shows you different color schemes and ideas for how to use those same 12 projects to make unlimited others. You’ll love that you learn how to patchwork with this book, but the best thing that most crafters take from it is the incredible number of new ideas.


If you really do want step-by-step guidance, you may not appreciate this book. The author gives you the ideas, and teaches you how to execute, but she then sets you free to use your favorite colors or pieces to make the design truly your own individual piece.

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