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Polk DSW PRO 550wi Wireless Subwoofer

Reviewed By: Mark Rafferty
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A deep rumbling bass enhances any listening experience, bringing music, movies and TV to life. The Polk DSWPRO 550wi is an option you may well want to consider.

The Polk DSW PRO 550wi wireless subwoofer is a compact subwoofer which is packed with technology to make placement easy and adjusting the output through 4 preset room optimizer options to give you the ideal listening experience in the setting that you wish to use the speaker. Using feed forward distortion suppression technology the sound quality is optimized without excessive distortion. With the latest Kipple distortion analyzer the woofer voice coil alignment, suspension and motor structure are balanced to give you the best output even at very high levels. The LFE, Line In, Speaker Level In, Line Out, Speaker Level Out and 5-way binding posts make connecting to you system straightforward.

With the “Night Mode” setting you can quickly and easily temporarily lower the subwoofers intensity with a press of the remote control. The non-resonating cabinet with its internal bracing houses a 10” speaker in durable rubber surrounds. The cabinet is designed to allow you to set your speaker in either a down firing or front firing configuration simply by relocating the adjustable feet. The speaker is Wi-Fi ready and by adding the Polk PWSK1 DSWPROwi Subwoofer Wireless Conversion Kit you will be able to forget all the speaker cables and place the speaker exactly where you want to make sure that you have the best listening experience. The speaker comes with a 3 year limited warranty.

Even though the wireless transmitter is an additional expense on this speaker, the features available means that it deserves to be on your list for consideration when buying a subwoofer.

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  • Feed forward distortion suppression technology limits the risk of excessive distortion or damage.
  • Four preset “Room Optimizer” options and Polk’s exclusive PRO(TM) technology program in the optimal bass and blending setting for your room.
  • Our state-of-the-art Klippel distortion analyzer optimizes the woofer’s motor structure, voice coil alignment and suspension to ensure the best, most efficient performance even at extreme listening levels.
  • LFE, line level inputs and outputs and 5-way binding posts for speaker level inputs allows easy connection to any system.
  • The “Night Mode” setting temporarily lowers the sub’s intensity with a quick and easy toggle from the remote control.

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