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Panasonic SR-MS183 10-Cup (Uncooked) “Fuzzy Logic” Rice Cooker

Reviewed By: Mark Rafferty
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Runner Up: Best Rice Cooker

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Panasonic are an electronics brand you’ll have heard of. Dipping into many markets, from household appliances to gadgets and electronics they are a renowned electronics manufacturer. It gives them the brand recognition required for you to take a second look at most of what they’ve created. In terms of small appliances they have created many products. Their rice cooker offering being highly rated and of being substantial value.

This cooker boasts the ability to cook 10 cups of rice. With using the “Fuzzy Logic” technology it is ahead in the market for offering top-notch rice cooking features. This type of control helps to adjust the power to cook for the exact amount of rice being cooked for consistent cooking results. This is great for you to easily cook great rice no matter what quantity and without much thinking.

For this cooker Panasonic have went deeper into the cooking quality of the rice. Using specialist materials to make the pan of the cooker (Binchotan-type charcoal pan) is able to give the rice an improved color, taste and aroma. The shape of the pan is designed to give better cooking performance. Using this cooker you will surely see great results in how your rice looks, tastes and is cooked. The thought has went into innovating a great rice cooker.

You can also take advantage of the 24 hour clock feature which is easy to read and manages the cooking time, keep warm time and is easily programmed to the current time. Adding to all these useful cooking features you have a lovely white and chrome finish design that gives it a great look and making it suitable for those who like white appliances. Being sleek and stylish it looks great on the counter-top and takes up minimal space. Storing it away will be easily done due to its compactness. Topping it off you have accessories included for measuring, scooping and steaming.

Being able to detach the main cooking parts of the cooker make for easy cleaning. So after you’ve cooked up some fluffy, delicious rice you don’t waste much time getting it back to clean. It’s the cooker that is sure to please every time, suited for small and large families giving a great all-round rice cooking experience.

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  • Easy to use
  • Materials used to improve taste and rice cooking quality
  • Compact, clean white design that is easy to store away
  • Useful utensils/accessories included
  • Rice comes out fluffy
  • Serves up to 20 cups of cooked rice




  • No holders for rice paddle
  • Possibly confusing user manual
  • Users report it can take a long time to heat up



  • 10-cup uncooked/20-cup cooked Micro-computer “Fuzzy Logic” controlled adjusts power depending on how much rice is being cooked for precise cooking and more consistent results
  • Binchotan-type charcoal pan improves color, taste and aroma of the rice, plus a dimple pan expands heat by 20-percent resulting in better cooking performance and taste
  • 12-Hour keep warm, 24-hour clock, large orange LCD read-out
  • Menu includes white/brown/sticky rice, porridges, steam, slow cook, 15-minute cook and cake
  • Measures 14-1/16-inch (L) by 11-inch (W) by 9.9/16-inch (H), 8.1-pound, White with Chrome finish

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