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Runner Up: Best Manual Weeder

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The Oswego GW-1 Grampas Weeder takes its name from its classic design, just like the weeder your grampa had. This weeder may even have been around longer than your grampa, because the first one was made in 1913, and it has held a great reputation ever since. It’s made to remove weeds from their roots with very little effort or movement from you. The long handle ensures you won’t have to bend down, kneel or pull on weeds. Simply use the leverage of this weeder, so it will pull the weeds out for you. Oswego stands by the Grampa weeder so much that they guarantee it for a lifetime, so you can spend wisely and know you’ll be able to use this same weeder for as long as your lawn or garden grows. It penetrates the ground easily, hooks the weed and with a couple of light movements your weed is out of the ground.

Change and technology can be good, but this simple and moderately priced weeder has stood the test of time. If you’re looking for a weeder with frills, this isn’t the one, but if you’re looking for quality and durability at a low price, you’ll love it.




  • High quality since 1913
  • No bending or kneeling
  • Great leverage
  • Easy to use
  • Inexpensive

  • Very basic weedera


  • Most effective, effortless weed puller since 1913
  • Removes weeds and their roots
  • No Bending, No Pulling, No Kneeling
  • Garden Green with No Harmful Chemicals
  • Lifetime guarantee

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