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This Novus kit delivers an impressive performance that does justice to the impressive sight it presents. The kit consists of not one, not two, but three different types of polishes! The first polish can thoroughly clean and impart a glossy shine to plastic surfaces. The second and the third polishes remove (and not just fill in) fine and deep scratches and abrasions respectively. This Novus product is gentle on plastic but effectively removes haziness and imparts a glossy shine that repels dust. It can thus be used on dashboards and even on car headlamps to which it imparts a gloss that reduces fogging. It can also be used on acrylic.

This Novus product sure emits many wows but there are downsides to it. It cannot be used on coated plastic and it is quite a pricey item even with all the benefits it packs in.




  • It removes fine and deep scratches.
  • It removes haziness from headlamps and dashboards.
  • It imparts a shine that repels dust.
  • It also works on acrylic.

  • It is not recommended for use on coated plastic.
  • It is very pricey.


  • 8oz Polish 1 – Clean & Shine
  • 8oz Polish 2 – Fine Scratch Remover
  • 8oz Polish 3 – Heavy Scatch Remover
  • Two NOVUS Polish Mates
  • Product Brochure

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