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Niles FG01670 Wireless Compact Subwoofer

Reviewed By: Mark Rafferty
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Your first thought on seeing this very compact subwoofer may be – can it give me the high level of bass that larger subwoofer can give? The clever use of the latest technology and through using an 8” long throw front firing woofer and two 8” anodized aluminum long throw side mounted cone passive radiators, the total output that you will get from the Niles FG01670 wireless subwoofer is equal to that of a much larger single active driver.

The compact size allows you the option of being able to mount your FG01670 on the wall instead of the standard floor located default position for larger sized comparable subwoofers. The main reason that most people will be looking to buy a subwoofer is to deliver a high quality bass. The FG01670 has a frequency response of 36Hz to 200Hz. With an RMS of 300w the power and frequency output will satisfy most listeners.

Connectivity is an area that this subwoofer scores highly. Whatever your existing sound or home theater system uses at present, the FG01670 is designed to allow you to integrate simply. There are both LFE and stereo (L/R) inputs with an un-buffered stereo pass through output. This will allow you to connect up to three additional subwoofers if you choose to. In addition there is a C5-A2 port (RJ45) which means that you could use standard CAT 5 cable from the audio visual receiver or processor to the subwoofer using an optional CAT 5 Balun adaptor. If you wish to go for an even simpler connection setup, the SW-T and SW-R wireless transceiver and receiver can convert the subwoofer in to a wireless device avoiding you having to worry about cable routing.

The Niles FG01670 wireless subwoofer is a highly compact subwoofer that has a sound output of subwoofers of a much larger size. The option to mount it on the wall is not something that many comparable speakers offer. This is a subwoofer that you may well want to consider

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  • 1200W dynamic (300W RMS) digital power amplifier
  • High power, long throw active woofer drivers
  • Stereo (L/R) line inputs along with unbuffered stereo pass-through line outputs
  • RJ-45 connector allows a wire run using CAT-5 cable from the A/V receiver or processor
  • Adjustable frequency control

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