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Runner Up: Best Pull Buoy

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Nike took the one-piece pull buoy to a whole new level with their new Fillable Pull Buoy. Unlike other buoys, this one can be filled with water to adjust the amount of flotation the buoy gives. This makes it possible for swimmers of all sizes to find the proper amount of flotation for their size and for the type of workout they are trying to achieve. The more water you add, the more drag you feel during your workout. Additionally, the sides of the buoy are coated with a neoprene cushion to ensure the buoy doesn’t slip away during your workout. The cushion also adds a level of comfort that the more inexpensive buoys don’t achieve. The buoy is easy to fill and drain through a small valve that doesn’t intrude on the aerodynamic design.

The biggest concern about this buoy is that, unless you’re a small swimmer, it doesn’t succeed at keeping the swimmer’s legs up as well as most would like during their workout. The advantage of being able to fill the buoy with water causes it to sink a bit more in the water, which is disappointing to heavier swimmers who need a lot of buoyancy. Nike had a great idea with this buoy, and its perfect for small swimmers, so hopefully they will create another size that provides more float for bigger swimmers.




  • Fills with water for drag
  • Neoprene non-slip sides
  • Cushion for comfort
  • Easy fill and empty valve
  • Aerodynamic

  • Doesn’t float large adults


  • Contoured shape holds easily between your legs.
  • Small size fits easily into a workout bag.
  • Nike Swoosh logo adds athletic authenticity.
  • EVA foam
  • 3.25″W x 9.5″H x 6″D

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