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Neutrogena offers a more affordable deep conditioner that can actually be used on a daily basis, without you having to worry about the price. It’s not dirt cheap, but it’s certainly more affordable than the salon brands, especially if you’re worried about the health and texture of your hair. In fact, you’ll be amazed at how well this product works, especially if your hair has damage from heat, chemicals, the sun or other elements. While you may feel like you’re going to run out of this product quickly using it on a daily basis, you’ll be amazed at how little of the product you need to use.

If you have serious trouble with curly, frizzy or unmanageable hair, you may want to try one of the salon brands specifically made to help your hair type. Because this deep conditioner is made for all types of hair it may not be as effective on extremely drastic cases, but it has been proven to work on nearly everyone who tries it.




  • Can be used daily 
  • Affordable
  • Works great
  • Repairs damaged hair
  • Use small amounts

  • Not for extreme cases


  • Triple Moisture Daily Deep Conditioner by Neutrogena for Unisex – 8.5 oz Conditioner
  • Triple Moisture Daily Deep Conditioner by Neutrogena for Unisex
  • Available in Shampoo, Conditioner, Leave-in Cream, Shine Serum and Hair Mask
  • With deep moisture benefits
  • Treats extra dry, over-processed and color treated hair

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