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Nesco PIC-14 Single Induction Cooktop

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When you think of household brands Nesco might be familiar to you. They are a great appliance manufacturer. With the Nesco PIC-14 single burner electric you get exactly what you look for and all at a low cost.

It is an induction electric cooktop, which means that it provides rapid heating, improved thermal efficiency and greater heat consistency with precise control similar to gas powered options.

This kind of heat is what gives heat only to the pan because the surface of the device is not heated. It is also a safety feature. In order to use induction heating it usually requires a magnet for testing the pans so you know that they will work with the induction type heating.

This is included with this cooktop. You just test the pan you plan to use with a magnet to ensure that the metal is Cast Iron, Steel, Enameled Cast Iron, Enameled Steel or Stainless Steel. You should take this magnet with you when shopping for new pans if you don’t know what you’re looking for. It will not work with aluminum, copper or glass cookware.

Another great thing about this cooktop is that it is energy efficient so you can be protecting the environment and using less power resources at the same time. Plus it has 5 power settings with easy to control settings using the buttons on the front of the device with and LCD display.

It has a nicely designed and durable ceramic glass top which is easy to clean and is resistant to burned on spills. This gives the cooktop a longer life and makes cleaning much easier.

Overall it’s a cost effective, durable, well designed and powerful single burner electric cooktop that’s worth the investment and is popular among users.

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  • Five power settings
  • Area around pan stays cool to the touch
  • 84% energy efficient
  • Greater heat consistency
  • Includes magnet to test cookware

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