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Max Burton 6050 Countertop Cooktop

Reviewed By: Mark Rafferty
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Cooktops are incredibly useful devices to have for a small kitchen, and the ICT200 from Waring Pro is a prime example of this. Even if you are quite happy with your current cooking setup, you may still have a use for this versatile cooktop.

This is a deceptively simple devices with a simple, easy to read and use interface and attractive modern design. It is also designed with form factor in mind, so you will be able to fit it into any available space on your kitchen worktop (essential for crowded kitchens!). Setting the heat level is a breeze, giving you 8 different heat settings to choose from. This combined with the 150-minute timer makes this an essential addition to your kitchen.

The Waring Pro ICT200 cooktop will cook anything you want, from stir fries to boiled vegetables, all with even heating. What’s more, it will do all of this without exhaust or flames. This is also a pretty speedy cooktop able to prepare your meals in record time, streamlining your cooking process.

It also has an useful safety feature, it will automatically turn off after 30 seconds when a pan/pot is lifted from it’s surface. For the safety conscious this is an invaluable feature, potentially preventing you from accidental injury.

The Waring Pro ICT200 has a multitude of uses even if you still own a traditional gas cooker. So do yourself a favor, and see what convenience it could bring to your kitchen.

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  • 1800-Watt Induction Cooktop (10 temperature levels from 140-Degree to 450-Degree F, 10 power levels, 180-minute timer and LED display)
  • Induction Interface Disk – no need to replace existing cookware, works with any induction cooktop
  • Save money by not replacing your existing cookware right away
  • Induction cooking is instant, reacts quickly to heat adjustment, energy efficient, safe to operate
  • Item includes induction cooktop 6200 and induction interface 6010.

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