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KRUPS GVA20840 Mini Chopper

Reviewed By: Mark Rafferty
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KRUPS are a reputable brand when it comes to kitchen appliances. The KRUPS GVA20840 mini chopper is no exception. It’s a mini chopper that not only looks cool but alsop has some nice accessories for ensuring the emulsifying of sauces. This comes in the form of an extra disc accessory. This disc is especially good for making mayonnaise, fresh cream and creamy dressings.  It is a compact and powerful min food processor that has 13 ounce capacity, plenty for a mini processor.

It will chop, blend and emulsify with one touch of a button. It is made of plastic rather than glass but this just means it isn’t as sturdy as a glass option. To give it extra safety when blending it has non slip feet so it will sit still even on the highest power. For measuring it has measurement marks along the side of the bowl. It also comes apart for easy cleaning although the whole product is no dishwasher safe. Overall it’s a great mini food processor that gets the job done without too much hassle.

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  • Small compact design
  • Safety features
  • Measurements on side of bowl
  • Easy one touch operation
  • Extra emulsifying disc
  • Plastic construction


  • Compact and powerful 13-ounce capacity mini chopper
  • Chops, purees, blends and emulsifies solid and liquid foods with one touch
  • Heavy non-slip motor base ensures machine stays in one place during use
  • Emulsifying disk included for: whipping cream, mayonnaise, dressings
  • Safety start; Spill-proof; 300 watts; 2-year worldwide warranty

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Manufacturer Description

Inspired by professionals and designed for connoisseurs, KRUPS products have been built with three key attributes in mind: Passion, Precision and Perfection. Chop, puree, blend and emulsify solid and liquid foods with one touch with the KRUPS GVA20840 Mini Chopper. An emulsifying disk is included to make this a versatile mini chopper; it can be used with liquids to make whipping cream, mayonnaise, dressings. Compact and powerful, the KRUPS GVA20840 Mini Chopper has 300 watts of power and a 13-ounce capacity. Twin safety start feature; the bowl has to be locked in placed and the lid completey closed to operate. Heavy non-slip motor base ensures machine stays in one place during use. Machine is easily turned on and off by pressing the lid. “Spill-proof” seal in lid ensures clean preparation.

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