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Klipsch R-115SW Wireless Subwoofer (800 Watt)

Reviewed By: Mark Rafferty
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The Klipsch R-115SW wireless subwoofer come complete with a free wireless adaptor kit meaning that, unlike many wireless-ready speakers, you don’t have to buy the wireless subwoofer kit as an extra.

The R-115SW has a Cerametalic spun copper drivers which have a lightweight construction but maintain rigidity. This means that you have a great depth to the bass, with minimal cone breakup or distortion, whether listening to music or watching a movie. Plus the copper looks great if you don’t put the cover on. The built-in completely digital amplifier give a powerful and hard hitting bass but at the same time keeping a superior sound reproduction.

A slot loaded port below the main woofer allows the low frequency bass energy to be focused to the listening area. This gives you a higher degree of choice in where you place your speaker. The Klipsch R-115SW 800 Watt has a frequency response of between 18Hz and 125Hz +/-3dB, and a maximum acoustic output of 122dB. A front mounted LED power indicator allows you to know when your subwoofer is powered on. In standby mode the energy efficient speaker uses a very small ½ watt.

By using the free wireless adaptor you have the freedom to place your subwoofer wherever you choose without having to worry about speaker cable routing limiting your choice. The Klipsch R-115SW 800 Watt Subwoofer comes with a 3 year warranty. Not only does this subwoofer produce a good sound, with its copper colored driver it also looks better than most subwoofers. The fully digital amplifier and focused listening area will give you a great bass effect without having to look at larger output speakers.

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  • You get this great product…. Klipsch – R-115SW Subwoofer
  • Plus, you get: Klipsch – WA2 Wireless Subwoofer Kit
  • Cerametallic spun copper drivers are incredibly lightweight in construction while maintaing their rigidity. The result is tight musical bass reproduction that adds depth to your favorite albums and movie soundtracks minimizing cone breakup and distortion.
  • The integrated all digital amplifier supplies hard hitting powerful bass while maintaing efficiently reliable, highly accurate sound reproduction.
  • Deliver all of the low frequency energy to the listening area with the slot loaded port below the main woofer. Focusing the physicality of bass energy and allowing greater installation and placement flexibility.

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