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The Kelty Basecamp Pad is another slightly higher priced self-inflating pad with enough frills that seem to make the price more reasonable. This pad offers the same die-cut foam material for extra support and warmth as the Backpacker Pad, but it features a suede top for comfort with or without a sleeping bag. It also includes two valves for an even faster inflate and deflate and the attached straps actually continue to compress the pad while you’re on the move. It’s 78 inches long and 25 inches wide, so its suitable for slightly bigger campers than the backpacker pads. The brass air valves are extremely convenient, so you can turn them closed while stuffing the pad, which is a nuisance with most other pads.

Although this pad is great for comfort, it doesn’t pack as small as backpacker pads and weighs substantially more at over 4 pounds. If you like to pitch a tent and stay in one spot while camping, you’ll appreciate the comfort and durability Kelty offers with the Base camp Pad.




  • Comfortable suede top
  • Large size
  • Durable pad and valves
  • Two valves
  • Attached straps

  • Higher price
  • Heavier pad
  • Not for backpacking


  • Die-cut foam for warmth and support
  • Self-inflating via dual valves
  • Sueded top for comfort
  • Repair kit and stuff sack included
  • Attached lash-straps for transport and storage

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