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Herbal Essences Tousle Me Softly Flexible Hold Hairspray gives you a strong hold, without being sticky, drying or crunchy. It lasts all day under general conditions, but it isn’t so great at standing up to a particularly windy environment. It looks great in thick and fine hair, whether curly, straight or wavy, but is only good at creating a tousled look, and won’t help you to achieve a sleek or smooth hair style. It smells of violets and will give your hair a freshly washed scent all day long. It doesn’t leave much residue, and any it does leave will brush out t the end of the day, leaving your hair feeling nice and soft.




  • Good texture
  • Strong, long-lasting hold
  • Pleasant violet scent
  • Softens hair

  • Not good for sleek, smooth styles
  • Doesn’t stand up well to strong winds


  • Flexible hair spray formula gives you touchable, tousled hair
  • Gives you tousled locks that are soft and sticky-free
  • Fabulous violet splash fragrance
  • For tousles that really turn heads, start with a base of Tousle Me Softly Mouse or Spray Gel
  • Become a shapeshifter. The power to create looks in minutes.

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