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Integrate Buddha into your daily life with The Heart of Buddha’s Teaching. This is not only an in-depth introduction to the religion, it also helps you make Buddhism a part of your life through interesting and unique writing. The author Thich Nhat Hanh teaches you about suffering and the way Buddha views it as a way of helping you reach joy. He teaches you all of the basics of the religion as well as its history, but most importantly, he makes it relatable to your life. The author not only draws from colorful Buddhist anecdotes, but also integrates contemporary and real life stories to help the reader relate to the sometimes difficult to grasp concepts of Buddhism. You’ll earn about the Noble Eight-Fold Path, The Three Doors of Liberation, The Three Jewels, The Five Powers and all of the core Buddhist terminology in an easy-to-understand and relatable way.


The only chance of finding disappointment in this book is if you seek traditional text without any fluff. In this case, the fluff really helps newcomers learn the religion quickly and integrate it into their lives. If you’re already a seasoned Buddhist, you may not find it useful.


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