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How to Buy Earphones/Headphones

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The ultimate purchase in your mobile and private audio solution might be your headphones. If you want to buy the best headphones then there are some things to look out for. here’s a rough guide on what to look out for when purchasing good headphones.

Earbud, On-Ear or Full Size Headphones?

Earbuds sound quality has improved greatly since headphones were always raging ahead in sound quality. Yet headphones still rule for quality of sound because they are bigger and can hold more technology than earphones. If you want the best quality of sound it’s best to go for headphones. Headphones come in two types, on-ear and full-size. Basically on-ear is when the spongy bit rests on your ear and full size is when the headphone covers over your whole ear resting on your face. If you want compact instead, then expect less quality but more portability.

Wireless or Wired

In this choice there’s something for audiophiles and the ones who want portability. If you want the best sound quality without compromise then wireless headphones will compromise on sound quality because of transferring the sound over wireless. For the finest sound quality then wired headphones will always be at the pinnacle of sound performance. There’s also the portability to take into account here. Do you need wireless? If so then that is your obvious choice.

Noise Canceling

Noise canceling headphones are designed to create an “antinoise” that cancels out noise form the outside world. Great headphones with this feature have been proven to cancel out the noise of passing cars, or the whoosh of an airplane.

Bass and Sound Quality

It’s obvious you’ll want the best sound quality when it comes to making your choice. For this you will notice different brands have different technologies for improving sound quality. A good way to judge the quality the sound is by sticking to reputable brands. Then also studying the technologies they are using to improve the sound quality. Something else to check out for is the bass quality of the earphones. Is that bass good enough for your sounds?


Extra features are available for headphones. Such as in-line controls, which are controls along the wire of the headphones or you have other features such as bass control or different buttons for tweaking the sounds. have a look out for extra features when making your purchase.


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