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Runner Up: Best Slow Cooker

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This Hamilton Beach 5.5-quart slow cooker provides the premium cooking experience you always wanted. While the removable aluminium crock provides a nonsticking surface and a uniform heating, its oval shape assures the perfect size for two 3-lbs roasts or for a 6-pound chicken, so your family will enjoy delicious meals each time.

The Hamilton’s Beach Premiere exterior is made of durable stainless-steel, which provides long-term performance even at very high temperatures. Also, the included glass lid is secured enough to guarantee a safe cooking practice.

What’s more, this unique set allows you to brown meat on the same frying pan that you later use for slow cooking. One word of advice though, the metal lid handles might get hot at times, so you’d better watch your fingers. As for the temperature setting, you are able to choose from either high, low, or warm, the latter one being used for keeping your food at a constant temperature.
As for the cleaning part, that’s not a difficult process either. All you have to is to place the crook in the dishwasher or to wash it by hand, using warm water and a soft cleaning cloth.



  • High-quality construction
  • Large capacity
  • Option to sautee and slow cook in the same pot
  • The low temperature is not very efficient
  • Handles won’t remain cool
  • Lacks a timer function
  • Removable cast aluminum cookware offers even heating and nonstick performance
  • Oval shape is perfect size for 6-pound chicken or two 3-pound roasts
  • Brown meat and finish cooking in the same pan
  • Comes with a glass lid
  • Stainless steel exterior

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