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How to Choose a Hair Dryer

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Buying a hair dryer can be as easy as looking at price but for the shop savvy you’ll have noticed all that jargon that pertains to the features. If you want to understand this jargon so you can buy a more suitable hair dryer then this is the best place to start, with our buying guide for hair dryers.

Standard AC Hair Dryer

You don’t get any more standard than this when it comes to hair dryers. A standard hair dryer is just that, a hair dryer that’s usually light, not feature rich and easy to understand.

Salon Performance Hair Dryer

To work in a salon and use your own kit you’d at the very least need one of these. These hair dryers are what is known as fit for salon use. So it’s fit for salon use; it should also be fit for use elsewhere. This is where the jargon usually comes into play and where the dryer gets a lot more feature rich.

Power for Heats and Speeds

Power matters when it comes to electronics that produce heat of any kind. When it comes to hair dryers there is wattage to think of. How much power will it consume? What does that power give you? Are you really happy with the wattage it will use for the features it gives?

Hair Dryer Attachments

Many hair dryers come with attachments for helping get desired looks. If you have a desired look then shopping for the dryer with the right attachment will inevitably help you get that desired look.

Ionic Hair Dryers

Believe it or not some dryers are designed to release ions to stop your hair frizzing as much. Basically balancing ions are released to release static and frizz for a smoother finish.

Item Specific More Info

Like all electronics some companies hold patented technology and this is where item specific features come into play. A hair dryer out there might hold that ultimate feature you’ve been looking for. Be shop savvy and read about the hair dryer features and how they suit you.

Size (Travelling?)

The size of the hair dryer won’t matter in most cases, but in the case of travelling you might want to pick up a travel hair dryer. They aren’t near as good in power or features but still great. The good thing is they should have a worldwide voltage power source, so that they can be used in every country.



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