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How to Choose Hair Care Products

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We all want nice hair and for it to sit right and look lavish. But what products will make your hair do this? According to scientific research certain products are better suited for your hair than other products. This means you need to eliminate products that aren’t suited to your hair and buy the products that are suitable.  Whether it’s shampoo, conditioner, gels or other; here are some tips for buying the right hair care product for your hair.

Type of Hair

What type of hair do you have? Have you even done a self diagnosis or got an expert opinion? Generally there are three types of hair; normal, dry and oily. Then those can be categorized further with wavy, straight, coily, thin, thick and so on. Expert advice is always best here but a self diagnosis can be done. Once you’ve found your hair type it makes it easy to choose a product suited to your hair-type. (Link to guide on deciding your hair-type).

Color of Hair

You may have seen a shampoo claiming to be specifically for blondes and thought about it, or one for brunettes. In the case of hair color, this is a much easier diagnosis. Plonk yourself in front of a mirror or even better use a hair color guide to check what color your hair really is. (Link to guide on hair color).


Don’t worry you won’t be eating it, but some ingredients you can be allergic to or can damage your hair. Be careful in your research into ingredients, especially in the case of allergies. It’s in fact said to be best to do a patch test with any beauty products, including hair care products. You don’t want a nasty rash or worse.

Hair Problems

Hair problems are common, such as dandruff and in the case of dandruff some hair care products are recommended specifically for this. So if you have a known hair problem, do check for a product that is suitable to use. You don’t want to aggravate any existing issues, and you especially want to find a product that helps calm that issue. (Link to guide about hair problems).

Kid’s Products

If buying for kids it’s best to choose kid friendly products. That way the ingredients used are recommended to be used on kids. Be weary of kids extra sensitivity to ingredients used in adult recommended hair care products.



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