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The H2Odyssey Glacier Mask is a cheaper version of a high-quality dive mask. This is a frameless, ultra-lightweight and compact dive mask with a huge panoramic view. The single front glass window and two side windows that are imbedded in the skirt provide maximum visibility in every direction, and the flat side windows (as opposed to rounded) keep the diver’s side view from being distorted. If you travel for your diving, you’ll love the way this frameless design folds tightly for packing. You’ll love that this mask still has glass windows at such a low price.

If you’re hoping for a really low-profile mask, this one might not suite your needs. The glass side windows cause it to stick out slightly farther from your face than those that don’t have them. The side views do take a little bit of vision away from the front window as well, but it doesn’t prove to be much of a problem for most divers.




  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Compact
  • 3 glass windows
  • Low price

  • Side windows sacrifice front view
  • Not ultra low-profile


  • Low Volume Mask
  • This Mask Has a Great View
  • Frameless Mask
  • Incredibly Lightweight

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