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Best GTA San Andreas Cars

gta san andreasI’ll never forget how much fun it used to arrive home after school, throw my backpack on the ground and start San Andreas without even having lunch. I used to just lean back on the chair for hours, and enjoy riding any car I want. The good part wasn’t only this. In different locations of the virtual city of San Andreas, I could find the best sports cars a man could ever dream for and drive them, crash them, burn them, sink them and much more… practically everything! I could even shoot trough the window at traffic, police, pedestrians, or anyone I desire to. To me, this was so entertaining, that my gameplay used to end only after my dad manually shut down the PC. Truly, there are many good cars available in this extraordinary game game, but for the sake of honesty, I must admit that there are five which I’d pick up over any other. Here is what I think about them:

1. Infernus

And here comes the only car I find better than the Bullet. First place in my Top 5 goes to the “Infernus”. You can “snatch” one anywhere in Las Venturas. Its engine is a true beast. Many players (including me) rate it as the fastest car in San Andreas. In addition to its speed, it has excellent handling, it is sexy, and it “flies” trough the streets like no other. With this car, police don’t even bother to chase after you, being aware that they have no chance of catching you anyway.

2. Bullet

2nd place in my Top 5 belongs to the so called “Bullet”. It definitely is one of the sexiest cars in the game. Not only that, it is also one of the fastest, having a monstrous acceleration and pleasant handling. The best part is that you don’t need to circle around the entire city to find it. Unlike some other models, which you can stumble upon only on special locations, the Bullet is literally everywhere in San Fierro.

3. Banshee

Number 3 on my list is the “Banshee”. This car has been on my favorites since I have played GTA Vice City, and in San Andreas it is even better. There is no need to describe this incredible automobile with more than just a few words – fast, maneuverable, stylish, sexy and easy to drive. With enough skills, one can even drift with this car due to the slight steering rear. It is easy to find as well.

4. Jester

Number 4 on my list is definitely the “Jester”. This car is one of the most useful machines in the game. Every time I had a mission involving chasing someone down, there was never a better car for the job. The Jester is not the fastest, but it sure packs a punch and is extremely maneuverable. It really “sticks” to the road. For me – it is undoubtedly the best pursuit car in San Andreas.

5. Sabre

Number 5, I must give to the car called “Sabre”. This machine was a beast. As a classical muscle car, it packs a powerful engine under its hood, which makes it run extremely fast. Above that, the acceleration was on a whole other level, far above most of the other cars in the game. Even though it didn’t have the best handling, the Sabre was truly an appealing machine, adding more points to the importance of beauty. Another great fact about the car is how easy it is to find. Just by looking around, you can immediately see a Mexican driving one near you.

Aside from my personal taste, which obviously tends to favor sports cars, in GTA San Andreas you can find any type of vehicle you prefer and do whatever you want with it. It is of great importance that we warn you – this game is extremely addictive. Nevertheless, you must give it a shot, get on your favorite ride and have a blast!


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