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Grow Cook Eat is a gardening book that goes beyond the basic how-tos of gardening and really dives into how to harvest the best tasting and healthiest vegetables possible. Gardener Willi Galloway teaches readers how to grow a prosperous vegetable garden whether they’re sitting on acres of empty land or living in the city. She teaches you how to properly plan your garden for the amount of space you have and how to protect it from common problems like insects, animals and diseases. One thing you’ll really appreciate about this book is that Galloway focuses on individual crops and explains how to enjoy them all the way from planting to cooking. Her passion for gardening is evident in every sentence of her book, and it has the ability to make you as excited about gardening as she is.

Grow Cook Eat may very well be the best vegetable gardening book you’ll ever read. Most readers really enjoy the cooking portion of this book, but if you’re not interested in the recipes, you may feel like that section is unnecessary. Otherwise, this is a must-read for anyone who enjoys growing their own food.


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