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Gardena Handle Swiveling Grass Shears

Reviewed By: Courtney McCaffrey
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If you don’t want to have to bend down in the lawn or garden to cut grass in those hard-to-reach places, you’ll love the Gardena 8740 Comfort 27-Inch Long Handle Swiveling Grass Shears. These shears are the cream of the crop and they come with all of the frills that a picky gardener wants. They precisely cut lawn edges, so you don’t have to get the lawn mower or weed wacker too close to your precious plants or crops. And best of all, you’ll never have to bend down or kneel to do it. The blades have a non-stick coating so grass doesn’t stick, and they swivel up to 90 degrees on each side, so you can reach every angle you need. The handle is easy to grip and the plastic is soft and comfortable, so you don’t develop blisters or pain from use.

If you’re looking for a pair of grass shears for a budget price, you’ll probably be happier with a handheld pair. These shears run a little more expensive than others, but they have the frills that can make lawn work easier and more comfortable.

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  • No bending or kneeling
  • Precise cutting
  • Non-stick coating on blades
  • Swivel 90 degrees
  • Soft, comfortable grip
  • High price


  • For precise cutting of lawn edges, especially where access is difficult.
  • For an upright working position protecting your back.
  • Blades can be swiveled up to 90-degrees to each side
  • Easy precise cutting due to blades with non-stick coating.
  • Easy grip handle with soft plastic components.

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