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The Gardena 8943-U Garden Hand Weeder is an affordable weeder with a lot of capabilities and durability. The sharpened and hardened stainless steel blade is made to last a lifetime, and you’ll never have to worry about it rusting, even if you leave it out in the garden. The non-slip grip is especially helpful because the blade is sharp, so you’ll appreciate that small addition to this tool. It’s another tool that’s not only great for weeding, but its sharp blade is great for scraping, cutting and digging as well. You’ll appreciate that you can pull weeds from the ground with ease, and you can also cut them if they’re already entangling your plants, fence or other garden items. It’s great to have a tool that you can use for a number of garden tasks, especially at such an affordable price.

This weeder is so useful because of its sharp blade, but that can also be a safety hazard as well. As long as you’re careful when using this tool, and don’t mind having to bend down to the ground to use it, you’ll really love its durability as well as how well it works.




  • Affordable
  • Many uses
  • Sharp blade
  • Stainless steel
  • No-slip handle

  • Have to bend down to use
  • Blade can be dangerous


  • Sharpened and hardened stainless steel blade that will not rust
  • Non-slip grip also during pulling movements
  • Unique Gardena system
  • Excellent addition to your lawn and garden
  • Quality product with a quality brand name

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