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Dick Raymond’s Garden Way’s Joy of Gardening is a traditional vegetable gardening guide by an internationally known garden expert. Raymond has been featured on the Joy of Gardening television program and was named head gardener at Garden Way Gardens for 15 years. He’s gardened in nearly every climate of the U.S. and his 40 years of experience are proven in this book. It’s an excellent cross between content and pictures, that gives you more than enough confidence to start a garden of your own. Some of his best gardening secrets are revealed to help you double the amount of crops your garden produced and teach you how to get the sweetest fruits and healthy vegetables.

As an easy-to-understand guide that covers everything from planting a seed and preventing weeds to transplanting and harvesting, Joy of Gardening certainly won’t leave you asking any questions. If you’re not interested in growing an organic garden, this book may not be for you, but for all those who are, this book is nearly flawless.

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