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Frigidaire Gallery FGIC13P3KS Induction Cooktop Single

Reviewed By: Mark Rafferty
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When you think about household appliances Frigadaire might come up on your list of recognized brands. If not you now know that they are a highly reputable brand with great products and customer support.

The Frigadaire Gallery FGIC13P3KS cooktop is their specialty cooktop as it is their single burner electric induction option. It holds one pan up to 8 inches in size on a ceramic top.

The top of the cooker itself doesn’t heat up as it is an induction burner so this is a safety features as well asa feature for making the cooktop perform as well as a gas burner option. Basically induction heating means that the cooktop will heat the pan rather than the hob.

You will need to avoid copper, glass and aluminum bowls in order for this to work. Stainless steel, steel and other magnetic options are the only cookware that will work with this cooktop. The good thing is the cooktop has an automatic sensor and will not work without the correct cookware.

To get cooking perfect, the cooktop has 6 power levels. Operated by nicely styled and designed touch sensitive controls that are placed at the front of the device, just out of reach of the hob area.

Cleaning is a breeze because of the material it is made out of, foods won’t stick to this material easily. So all you have to do is clean over it with a nice clean damp cloth and bravo it’s cleaned for you.

For getting started this cooktop comes included with a compatible pan. Just and added extra to make things a whole lot better.

Overall it comes from a recognizable brands, has 6 power settings and can do cooking from simple chocolate melting to cooking meats, fish and more. You can’t go far wrong when choosing this as your single burner electric cooktop.

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  • Five power settings
  • Area around pan stays cool to the touch
  • 84% energy efficient
  • Greater heat consistency
  • Includes magnet to test cookware

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