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Frigidaire FPTT04D7MS Stainless 4-Slice Wide Slots Toaster

Reviewed By: Mark Rafferty
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Frigidaire devices are always both affordable and of good quality, and when you look at this toaster, you can see why. Its sleek no-nonsense design is perfect for your everyday needs. It also will look pretty stylish on your worktop, with its simple modern appearance.

But this is no budget toaster, it’s absolutely packed with useful features, many of which are only found on much more expensive models. Paired with its fantastic solid build quality, you may never find a better value toaster.

First off the toaster can hold 4-slices, but these are not normal slots, they are wide capacity. This means that you can easily fit bagels, sandwiches and extra thick slices within the generous space provided. The FPTT04D7MS also features prominent LCD displays, which allow you to customise the toasting process to your exact needs, right down to how brown you like your bread.

Along with the standard Defrost, Bagel and Reheat features, The toaster’s wide slots also feature a handy removal lever so you can easily remove your toast perfectly every time. You’ll never waste a slice of bread again.

Worried about cleaning? Don’t be, the Frigidaire FPTT04D7MS features two removable crumb trays, making cleaning an effortless process.

Overall, if you are looking for an upgrade from a standard toaster, this Frigidaire fits the bill perfectly. I packs features, quality and a sleek design in a package that is guaranteed not break the bank.

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  • 4 Extra-wide and long capacity slots
  • Countdown indicator
  • Pro-Select? LCD Displays
  • Effortless? Lift-Out Lever
  • Auto-defrost function

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